There are two things you need to do to bring cartomancy into our world: back the kickstarter (above) and tell the world that you did (below)

Cartomancy: A RPG, A Card Game, An Open Source Toolbox -- Kicktraq Mini

Simply universal: Want to play supremely powerful galactic warlords vying for control of the stars? We can do that. Want to play doctors trying to save lives and their relationships in the emergency room? We can do that too. Cartomancy’s simple and flexible system lets you play any setting you can imagine with a minimum of prep and without a stack of supplements. 

Cards: The talented Emily Vitori has lent her considerable skills to creating a deck of cards evocative of adventure over any specific setting. In addition to simply getting the cards at all physical reward levels you can become a part of the deck by backing at certain limited higher levels. 

Three games: You want a game with radical mechanics but a conservative setting? Play Four Kings, an adventure and setting that should feel comfortable to most fantasy game alumni. Want to get crazy and play without a Game Master? Play Consoles & Cards where you can play solitaire or co-op in a JRPG inspired setting. What you really want is a war-game where you empty a chest of kid’s toys on to a table and fight it out with cards? Toytastrophey mods the RPG rules to allow for two or more player tactical games. All are included in Cartomancy and use the same rules.  

Playtest Hideout: The game is written but everything is not set in stone: there is plenty of room for your input. Back (even at one dollar) and you will get immediate access to our playtest hideout where you can download and play the beta version. Tell us what needs improved or even create some awesome content and you will be credited appropriately in the final version. 

Open source: Creative Commons licensing allows you to play and publish the game any way you want and to benefit from others who are creating. In addition to this, we are building a community of hackers and creators to generate third party support well into the future. 

Immunity to dice eating bacteria: We all know that the government doesn't have a plan for when (not if, but when) there is an outbreak of dice eating bacteria that destroys all rollable randomizers. Be prepared and have a copy of Cartomancy in your doomsday kit with a deck of immune playing cards.