Welcome the the Smoke & Mirrors Secret Playtest Hideout. You must never tell another soul about this place. Unless they like playing games, then tell them all you want, obviously. 

If you signed up as a Playtester on the main page you will receive notifications as content is updated as well as any special testing questions that need answered (can this game be played by 8 people and a dog? In Zero gravity? By beings of infinite intelligence but limited impulse control? Or, perhaps, "does this mechanic feel broken?")

The key to all of this is feedback: what you have to say is incredibly important. If all you have to say is "meh," then send us that. If you want to talk through the subtleties of statistical variations of non-linear probability curves created by using 2D6 instead of 1D12, send us that. Just send us your thoughts at playtest@smokeandmirrorsgames.com. 

If the greater good of humanity was not enough to get you to send in feedback then let it be known: All who send feedback for a game shall receive a free PDF version of the finished product when it is published and credits in said products. 


A flexible playing card based Role Playing Game. This game should be:

1) Simple to adapt to any setting with conflict

2) Unique in play mechanics and dynamics

Four Kings

A Cartomancy Playset that introduces new players to the game and to a fantasy analog of medieval Europe. 


A rules-light wargame where any toy can be weaponized to serve in your army. This is driven by the Cartomancy game engine and should be:

1) Easy to learn

2) Fun to play for children and adults who like boardgames and wargames

3) Fast ( <1 hour for most games)



Consoles & Cards 

A tabletop Cartomancy playset inspired by classic JRPGs. 

1) Can be played solitaire or co-op without a Game Master

2) Is evocative of an old, and challenging, era of console games

3) Adventure at the Water temple has been added! 


A playset from the good old days of rayguns and monsters

1) An advanced playset showing some of the possibilities of the system

2) Introduces a vehicle system that can be used in any seting


A short bestiary that will provide you with sufficient challenges to get started in any setting.  

Send your thoughts to playtest@smokeandmirrorsgames.com or use this form to send in your comments:

How long did the game(s) take approximately? Sustain (What made this game fun? What should we be sure not to change?) Improve (What made this game not fun? Where was this product disappointing? What didn’t make sense? If you have a way to do it better let us know.) Discussion (What else do you want to get off your chest?)